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Vino@Motion: The Success of Canton, a Must-Attend Event for Italian Wine Lovers in China

On February 26th, we held an exclusive tasting event dedicated to Italian wines, Vino@Motion by Taste Italy in Canton.

The initiative saw the participation of a selected group of Chinese wine industry experts, who had the opportunity to taste a variety of prestigious wines from the Italian wineries in the project, confirming the ever-growing interest of the Chinese audience towards #Italian excellence in wine production.

Our expert #sommeliers guided the participants through an engaging sensory journey to discover the aromas and flavors of the #wines, their peculiarities, the different #grape varieties used, production techniques, and the characteristics of the individual producers and their territory of origin.

Vino@Motion Tasting in Canton provided a valuable opportunity for Chinese experts to deepen their knowledge of Italian wine and discover new oenological excellences.

The event also facilitated the meeting and exchange of #opinions among participants, creating important moments of discussion and sharing on productions and markets.

Vino@Motion Project was created with the aim of promoting Italian wine in China through a series of #tasting and training events aimed at professionals, operators, and enthusiasts. The project, implemented by #Taste #Italy, relies on the collaboration of a team of Italian and #Chinese experts who, with their expertise and passion, contribute to promoting and appreciating the excellence of Italian wine in the Chinese #market.

Vino@Motion Project will continue to promote Italian #wineculture in China, organizing new events and initiatives to introduce and appreciate the oenological excellences of our Country.

If you are an Italian wine producer and you are interested in Vino@Motion and developing your business in third countries



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