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Wine Promotion 
Extra Ue Countries 202
4 | 2025



Business Strategies offers you professional and highly personalized support, guaranteeing success in obtaining OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries funds and their effective and sustainable management 

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to the OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries call
2024| 2025

  • Tailor-made consultancy: for us every winery has its own peculiarities. Our consultancy is personalized, aimed at enhancing the specificities of each client while respecting the constraints of the tender.

  • Proactive Strategies: we do anticipate challenges and we propose innovative solutions, ensuring that every aspect of your application is compliant with regulations and strategically aligned with any of your business prospects.

Our commitment is to transform the complexity of the OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries tender into a clear and accessible path, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best: producing excellent wines.
With BUSINESS STRATEGIES your aspiration for growth and innovation finds a reliable and competent ally


Experience and Specialization

Our team is made up exclusively by wine industry specialists with a deep understanding of regulations and market dynamics.

This allows us to offer highly qualified and specific consultancy for the promotion of Italian wine.

We translate daily our commitment and competence  into the transformation stories we help to write and into the concrete successes of each of our clients.


Through the complex process of obtaining and managing OCM Wine Promotion Funds, we provide assistance to more than 600 Italian wineries.

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Preparation of the OCM Wine Promotion application

We are by your side from the first contact to the end of the project.

Based on your specific needs, we prepare all the necessary documentation, guaranteeing the correctness and completeness of the application and maximizing the chances of its approval.


Through our internal processes and high quality standards we ensure that the application complies with the requirements of the announcement and can be placed in the useful ranking to obtain the contribution.

Business Strategies support is a continuous guide with punctual and timely responses to all your needs.


Participation to the OCM Wine Promotion application

We support our customers in the implementation of the financed project, providing you with all the advices and support in all phases up to the final verification by the relevant authorities.

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OCM Wine Promotion Notice 2024-25

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  • What does OCM mean?
    The acronym COM (italian OCM) stands for "Common Market Organization" in the context of the agricultural policies of the European Union. The CMO is a system that regulates agricultural product markets within the EU. This organization was created to stabilize markets, ensure a fair standard of living for farmers, increase agricultural productivity, and ensure the availability of supplies at reasonable prices for consumers. CMOs cover several products and sectors, including milk, meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and of course wine, each with specific rules. The main objective of CMOs is to coordinate and support the functioning of agricultural markets in the EU
  • What does the OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries advice specifically consist of?
    The OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries refers to a series of measures financed by the European Union to support the promotion of European wines outside the EU and guarantees a non-repayable contribution for promotional activities abroad, therefore all activities to promote the product. The OCM Wine Promotion is a particularly significant program as it aims to increase the visibility and the market share of European wines in countries outside the European Union, contributing to keep and increase the competitiveness of the European wine sector on a global scale.
  • What is the expected annual period for the OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries Notice 2024-2025?
    The expected annual period for carrying out promotional activities for the next tender is 16 October 2024 - 15 October 2025. The official publication of the European tender has been made on the 3rd of May 2024, Projects must be sent by the 3rd July 2024.
  • What is the frequency of the OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries call?
    Calls for CMO Wine funding for promotion in Extra Ue countries are generally annual. Every year, the European Commission establishes the budget and guidelines for the presentation of wine promotion projects in markets outside the European Union. The specific opening and closing dates of calls may vary slightly from year to year, but usually follow a fairly regular calendar to allow organizations and producers to adequately plan their promotional activities. The national authorities of each Member State and therefore also the Italian National Authorities play a key role in managing the application process. After the announcement of the call, interested parties must prepare and submit their projects according to the guidelines specified in the call itself. The proposals are then evaluated at both national and European level before final approval and disbursement of funds. To stay updated on the dates and details of the next OCM Wine Promotion Third Countries call, fill out our form on the page.
  • What activities can be financed by OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries funds?
    Tastings Participation in trade shows and events Promotional and multimedia materials Media advertising Promotions in large-scale distribution and HORECA Online tastings and events B2B meetings Incoming
  • What is the procedure for accessing OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries funds?
    The Producers or the Producer Associations must submit a detailed project plan to the national authorities, who will evaluate it and, if deemed suitable, forward it for approval and funding at EU level. The preparation and management of the project require a perfect knowledge of the regulations and some specific requirements imposed by the EU, It is therefore advisable to always contact consultants specialized in EU financing, like Business Strategies
  • How can Business Strategies support your winery in the process of obtaining funds from the OCM Vino tender?
    Business Strategies offers complete and personalized support to help your winery obtain funding from the OCM Vino tender, ensuring efficient management of the process in different phases: Application Preparation: our experts will work with you to develop and refine your project proposal, ensuring it meets all requirements and maximizes your chances of success. This includes feasibility analysis, drafting a detailed project plan, and defining an optimized budget. Regulatory Navigation: thanks to our in-depth knowledge of EU and national regulations, we will guide you through the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that your application complies with all applicable laws. Project Management: once you have secured funding, Business Strategies assists you in managing your project, from monitoring progress to preparing required periodic reports and ensuring that everything goes according to the plan and that funds are used effectively. Preparation for Audits and Controls: we will prepare you for any audits or controls, ensuring that everything is in order and that the project reflects the standards required for their successful outcome. Network and Relationship Development: we also help you build strategic relationships and participate in networks that can amplify the visibility and effectiveness of your promotional activities.
  • What are the cost coverage percentages of the OCM Wine Promotion Extra Ue Countries contributions?
    The OCM Wine promotion Extra Ue funds cover up to 50% of the total costs of a promotion project. The exact percentage may vary depending on the specific rules established by the European Commission and national authorities
  • How are the OCM Wine Promotion projects monitored in Italy?
    In Italy, the projects financed through the OCM Wine Promotion call are subject to a rigorous system of controls managed by the AGEA (Agriculture Distribution Agency) in collaboration with the MASAF (Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry) and the regional authorities. Audits are sometimes also conducted by European Union bodies, such as the European Court of Auditors or OLAF (European Anti-Fraud Office). Controls ensure that funds are used correctly and include: Initial approval: each project is carefully assessed before approval to ensure its compliance with the objectives of the call and its financial sustainability. Monitoring during implementation: beneficiaries are required to submit periodic progress reports documenting progress and justifying expenses incurred. These reports are evaluated by AGEA to ensure that the project proceeds as planned. On-site inspections and checks: on-site inspections and checks are conducted by authorized personnel to verify compliance with regulations and the correct implementation of project activities. Final report and balance: at the end of the project, a detailed final report is required. Payment of the balance is conditional on the approval of this report and the final verification of expenses. Sanctions in case of irregularities: if irregularities are identified, AGEA may apply sanctions which may include the recovery of funds disbursed, the reduction of future payments, or other punitive measures.
  • What are the Authorities public roles in relation to the CMO Wine Promotion Extra Ue Country in Italy?
    MASAF (Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry) MASAF plays a key role in defining the strategies and guidelines for the implementation of the CMO Wine tender in Italy. MASAF coordinates policies at the national level and collaborates with the European Union to ensure that the Wine CMO measures are consistent with the objectives of food sovereignty and sustainable development. MASAF determines strategic priorities for the promotion of Italian wines in international markets and works in close collaboration with Italian regions to align promotion efforts with the specific needs of the national wine sector. It also supervises and evaluates funded projects to ensure they effectively contribute to market objectives. AGEA (Agricultural Payments Agency) AGEA has an administrative and operational role in the management of the OCM Wine tender, dealing with the practical part of the distribution of funds and the management of applications. The AGEA is responsible for receiving project proposals, evaluating them in accordance with EU rules and disbursing funding to approved projects. AGEA also ensures that the funds are used appropriately and in compliance with the regulations, providing technical and administrative support to those participating in the tender. ITALIAN REGIONS The Italian regions play a fundamental role in the management and implementation of the CMO Wine tender, especially with regards to the promotion of wines in third countries. Regional Customization of Strategies Regions can adapt and customize promotion strategies to reflect the unique characteristics of the wines produced in their territory. This targeted approach is essential to make the most of the peculiarities of each wine, such as the protected designation of origin (PDO) or the protected geographical indication (PGI), which are of great relevance in the international market. Management and Distribution of Funds Regional authorities are often involved in the distribution of OCM Wine funds, working in collaboration with AGEA. They ensure that funding is allocated fairly and transparently across different producers and projects within the region, in line with priorities established at both regional and national levels. Support and Assistance for Candidates The regions provide support and technical assistance to entities and producers who intend to apply for the tender. This may include help in preparing applications, organizing information meetings, and providing clarification on the call's guidelines and evaluation criteria. Project Monitoring and Evaluation Once projects are underway, regions also carry out monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure that objectives are achieved and that funds are used correctly. This includes monitoring project progress and taking corrective action if necessary. Interregional collaboration In some cases, regions can collaborate with each other to present joint projects, thus maximizing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and using available resources more efficiently.

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