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VINO@MOTION, Italian wine in post-Covid China

China wine world is going through a phase of immense transformation, driven primarily by a growing digitalisation, new purchasing behaviors and growing consumer awareness, that offer unique opportunities to the Italian producers

According to Global Data, the size of the wine market in China will grow from $42 billion in 2021 to $72.2 billion by 2026, with a 68.8% increase per capita consumption.
The Chinese performance of Made in Italy wine is positive, with an increase in the average price from 4.43 to 6.67 dollars and a market share rising from 5.2% to 10.67%.
Interest in Italian wine is growing in China, together with Chinese consumers' knowledge of Italy of Wine

Our VINO@MOTION project, presented on November 28th, was conceived for all Italian wine companies that wish to successfully face the new structure of the Chinese market.

It is a highly specific and structured program created by our company in Shanghai, TASTE ITALY, and characterized by an interesting distinctive advantage: it is implemented directly in China and with the support of Chinese professionals in the wine sector and in the import market, with whom we have been collaborating for a long time.

This guarantees in-depth knowledge of local market dynamics and allows the constant updating of marketing and sales levers.

VINO@MOTION program is customized for each company aiming to ensure success in the short, medium and long term, taking into account individual specific needs.

Our goal is to offer Italian wine companies a unique and strategic path that guides them towards success in the Chinese market, making the most of the local and international resources available.

Digital evolution, new demographic targets, substantial changes in purchasing behavior in China, new consumer awareness, and the key role of sommeliers are some of the new elements that call for an important remodulation in promotion and sales strategies and to which VINO@MOTION provides immediate and concrete responses.

If you are an Italian Winery and you don't yet know our VINO@MOTION program, fill out our FORM and we will send you all the necessary information


They talked about VINO@MOTION...


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