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Optimism in Prosecco world

Optimism among industry insiders in China about the future of Prosecco in the local market is on a sharp rise.

In recent years, Italian producers have recorded growth in exports to major markets, with significant increases in countries like Poland, Austria, and Sweden.

Simultaneously in China, Prosecco is gaining popularity thanks to its image of extreme accessibility and luxury.

Notably appreciated for its fruity and bright profile and excellent pairing ability with a wide variety of dishes, Prosecco is much loved by Chinese consumers, particularly young people in search of quality and value. Its economic affordability, compared to other sparkling wines, makes it particularly attractive.

Women in China represent a significant demographic segment for Prosecco, consisting of independent women who purchase it on their own initiative, and also offer it to men, suggesting a new sense of female empowerment and a fresh expression of equality and modern social dynamics, where traditional gender roles become less rigid.

Currently, Prosecco sales are primarily concentrated along the coasts of China, with Shanghai emerging as the main market.

Recently, Prosecco reached an important milestone in China with the final registration of the collective trademark "普罗塞克" (pronounced Pu Luo Sai Ke), which corresponds to the term Prosecco in Chinese characters, after successfully overcoming objections raised by the Australian association AGWI (Australian Wine and Grape Inc.). This represents a significant step towards the protection of the designation and the promotion of Prosecco in a potentially promising market like China.


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