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The book "La Scienza in Cucina" by Pellegrino Artusi is now also available in Mandarin

We are talking about "La Scienza in cucina e l'arte di mangiar bene" by Pellegrino Artusi, the famous cookbook that, first published in 1891, has won the hearts of generations of Italians.

More than just a recipe book, Artusi's work is a true compendium of Italian gastronomic culture, a virtual journey through the various regions of Italy, discovering typical dishes, local ingredients, and centuries-old culinary traditions.

With simplicity and clarity of exposition, Artusi aimed to collect and present recipes passed down from region to region in the only Italian language. It was a true civic commitment to make nutrition and gastronomy an identity value to spread worldwide.

"La Scienza in cucina" is certainly the most widely read and famous work on Italian cuisine, so much so that it has been translated into 40 languages and its dissemination continues to this day. In the 1930s, Artusi's book, which contains a whopping 790 recipes, was more read than "I Promessi Sposi" (The Betrothed).

From Italy to China: a translation and cultural promotion project

The translation of "La Scienza in cucina" into Mandarin is the result of the work of Wen Zheng, an Italian professor at the University of Foreign Languages in Beijing. The project, supported by the Emilia-Romagna region, the Italian embassy in Beijing, and the Italian Cultural Institute in Beijing, represents an important step forward in spreading Italian culinary culture in China.

The publication of the book in Chinese is not only a significant event for the gastronomic world but also an opportunity to introduce Italian excellence to the Chinese audience. The allure of Italian cuisine, combined with the richness of our country's culture and tourism, has the potential to attract new visitors and strengthen ties between Italy and China.

Beyond translation: a broad-ranging project

The publishing initiative is just the tip of the iceberg of a broader project aimed at promoting Italian culinary culture in China. Events, cooking courses, and tastings are planned to introduce the Chinese public to the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine and its various regional nuances.

Artusi paved the way for us to get to know ourselves and our nation, one spoonful at a time. Now it's up to us to take hold of our culinary future. Just open the book: delve into it, and you'll still find it full of surprises. (Massimo Bottura)

In conclusion, the publication of Artusi's book in Mandarin is a highly valuable event that opens up new horizons for the dissemination of Italian culinary culture worldwide. It's an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and richness of our gastronomic tradition and to forge deeper bonds with the Chinese people.

And who knows... perhaps it is thanks to books like this that Italy will become even more attractive in the eyes of the world.


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