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The Decree OCM WINE 23-24 has been just published

Vigneto in Italia
MASAF has just published the decree outlining the implementation methods for the promotion of Italian wine in third countries under the OCM wine program. This includes funding for expenses related to promoting Italian wine abroad, such as participation in trade fairs, tastings at restaurants, and advertising.

Funding is provided for both the wine used in tastings abroad and the hosting of potential clients at their own facilities.

A total of 98 million euros of public resources are allocated to wine producers, professional organizations, consortia, and temporary associations. Projects at the national, regional, and multiregional levels must have an annual duration starting from October 16, 2023.

The included products are DOP and IGP wines, quality sparkling wines, and wines with variety indication.

elenco delle attività finanziate dal banco OCM

Among the evaluation criteria, in case of a tie in scores, priority will be given to proposals from new beneficiaries, projects targeting new third countries, projects requesting a public contribution percentage below 50%, proposals from consortia, projects focusing on emerging markets or exclusively on DOP/IGP wines, and projects involving small and micro-enterprises.

Beneficiaries will be allowed to make changes to the project, but not to the planned expenses or the elements that determined their position in the ranking. Changing objectives, countries, or markets will not be permitted.

By July 26th, Regional Authorities will be required to publish specific calls for proposals, and within ten days, the Masaf will verify their compliance with the national decree. Agea will then enter into contracts with the beneficiaries after the publication of the rankings.


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