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The Revival of Refermented Wines: tradition and craftsmanship at the heart of the new trend

The revival of refermented wines marks a significant return to more traditional and artisanal production methods. They are distinguished by their unique effervescence, obtained through a secondary fermentation process in both tanks and bottles, and are produced in small batches, unlike classic mass-produced sparkling wines.

The growing popularity of #refermented wines fits into current international market #trends, where interest in sparkling wines is increasing, offering an exclusive and different alternative.

More than just a simple nostalgia for ancient winemaking techniques, this trend reflects a widespread preference for #quality productions made with #artisan and #sustainable methods, enriching the entire winemaking context and preserving traditions for future generations.

Today, about 40% of #consumers (a growing figure) prioritize traditional production methods when purchasing food products, reflecting the widespread desire for natural products made with artisanal techniques and showing a willingness to pay a 5%-15% higher price for them.

Producers who emphasize artisanal quality, authenticity, and #sustainability in their products can, therefore, expect growing interest and a willingness to spend more, especially in markets where #environmental and #health awareness are more pronounced.


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