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Italy: Published the new Ocm Wine Promotion Call for Extra Ue Countries 2024-2025

The Italian Wine Sector receives a significant boost with the publication on May 3, 2024, of the new Ocm Wine Decree for ExtraUe Countries, announced by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty, and Forests. The new measure allocates a total of 93 million euros, of which 22 million euros come directly from the ministry and an additional 71 million euros through regional and multiregional calls, promising a significant impact on the promotional activities of Italian wineries abroad.

With a start date scheduled for October 16 and the deadline for project submissions set for July 3, the sector is preparing for a significant and strategic expansion of its export activities

Francesco Lollobrigida, Minister of Agriculture, emphasizes the efficiency and commitment of his department: "We have resolved the complicated processes we inherited, and now we have a clear strategy to enhance the export of Italian wine. Promoting our enterprises has always been a priority, and we have acted accordingly, actively involving all stakeholders in the sector and the trade fair system.

Silvana Ballotta, AD Business Strategies

"I am satisfied with the new decree," says Silvana Ballotta, CEO of Business Strategies, "considering the tight timeframe in which it was conceived. The decree takes into account, in part, the demands made by the wine industry. The limit of five target countries has been removed; for some expenditure items, the requirement for estimates has been eliminated; and the responses to changes made during promotional activities are more favorable to the beneficiary, with quicker turnaround times.

Additionally, more objective evaluation criteria have been established. It's true that there are fewer funds, so I expect a rush for the last project. For the rest, I hope for a revision of the 'mother decree' for next year, thus for the 2025/2026 campaign, after more intense consultations with the entire supply chain that leads to a real streamlining of bureaucratic practices. Considering that even today, there's a requirement to submit the project in paper form. And this seems a bit anachronistic to me. Today we have seen a first positive glimpse. Now we hope for more significant changes in the next decree."

A significant aspect of the call is the partial bureaucratic simplification: it will no longer be necessary to present detailed expenditure estimates for meals, accommodation, and local transportation, and the requirement for a third-party declaration and the limit of five countries per project have also been eliminated. Moreover, the response times for institutional changes have been reduced from 60 to 30 days, improving the efficiency and transparency in project evaluation.

These initiatives aim to strengthen Italy's position in the global wine market, enhancing the visibility and competitiveness of its wineries.


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