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New Horizons for Geographical Indications: EU jumps in a New Era of Quality and Sustainability

The recent approval of the new EU Regulation concerning DOP, IGP and SPG marks a historic moment for the quality economy in the agri-food sector.

This reform, warmly welcomed by the industry, introduces for the first time a unified text for wines, agri-food products, and spirits, emphasizing the deep connection between these products and their regions of origin.

Cesare Mazzetti, leading the Qualivita Foundation for a quarter-century, celebrates this achievement as the culmination of a vision that has always placed food quality at the center of attention.

The adoption of this regulation by the European Parliament not only reflects the cultural evolution of European consumers towards regional products but also offers more effective tools to promote competitive and sustainable development. This further strengthens the European quality model, making the Italian system a shining example for the entire world.

With this reform, a new chapter opens for quality productions, including the enhancement of food and wine tourism like a key for rapidly expanding sector to increase the value of the territories. Qualivita Foundation has always supported the importance of unified and coherent action across the various sectors of Geographical Indications, and this regulation represents a step forward towards the unity and cohesion much desired by many Italian Protection Consortia.

With the new EU regulation on DOP, IGT, and SPG, Europe reaffirms its commitment to protecting the quality and uniqueness of our agri-food products, envisioning a bright future for traditions and innovation at the heart of Italian agriculture.


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