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Wine list: do you prefer a titanic challenge or an intimate and refined approach?

The imposing Grand Lisboa in Macau, in China, is not just a splendid luxury hotel, but the guardian of a unrivaled wine list, composed of none other than 648 pages with around 265 selections of Champagne, over 700 red wines from Burgundy, more than 1500 Bordeaux, around 150 different Châteauneuf-du-Pape, over 800 Californian wines, 350 Brunello di Montalcino and many other fine labels from all over the world .

We asked ourselves if such an immense list could really be manageable day by day.

While on the one hand it could be a paradise for wine enthusiasts, the choice can be so vast that even the most experienced sommeliers may find it uncomfortable in advising customers to table and its vastness could confuse even the most expert palates.

Moreover, stock rotation can be very difficult. Time is a faithful companion in the world of wine, shaping its nuances and giving it character. However, when the variety is so wide, some wines can risk remaining stagnant for too long, losing freshness, vitality and complexity, while they deserve to be appreciated at the height of their maturation.

Opting for a smaller, carefully curated selection could perhaps offer a more focused experience and personalized? Would a smaller but still profoundly intense journey be more satisfying?

These are difficult questions to answer given that the Gran Lisboa prides itself on having, at the moment, 16 restaurants, bars and lounges including Don Alfonso 1890, 3 Michelin stars, from the famous family of restaurateurs in Sant'Agata dei Due Golfi, representing the unparalleled Italian cuisine, restaurant furnished with the luxurious glamorous charm of Versace.

Do you think it is possible to find a compromise between navigating a sea of so many choices and the intimacy of a more selected experience?


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