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Vinitaly 2024: Business Strategies and the New Targets for Italian Wine

VINITALY 13-17 april 2024 - Hall 9 Stand B11

For Vinitaly 2024, Business Strategies establishes itself as a benchmark for Italian wine producers aspiring to cross national borders and enter and consolidate in markets that are more complex and promising.

In the heart of the Verona Fiere area, at Hall 9 Toscana, Stand B11, Business Strategies offers a modern overview of the dynamics of Italian wine internationalization, focusing on comprehensive support for producers in the growth and development path of their business

The company's mission is rooted, as always, in the intrinsic value of Italian wine, recognized worldwide for its quality, variety, and history.

Business Strategies provides comprehensive support, guiding producers through every phase of the development and consolidation process, from accessing OCM Vino financing, a vital tool for supporting promotion in extraEU markets, to penetration into high-potential markets.

Through a personalized approach, Business Strategies identifies the best opportunities at the community, national, and regional levels, adapting them to the needs and strategic objectives of its clients. The range of services spans from subsidized and grant financing, to strategy and marketing, from operational reorganization to digitalization, up to embracing corporate finance and sustainability themes.

Being at Vinitaly is part of a broader context of services designed for wine producers, with the goal of providing the necessary tools to successfully face the difficult challenges of today's markets, promoting an image of Italian wine that is synonymous with uniqueness, excellence, tradition, and innovation.


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